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I’m Jade, a motivated Engineering undergraduate at Imperial College with a demonstrated history of industry experience. A creative thinker, diligent problem solver and effective team player with extensive extra-curricular involvement and successful initiatives in competitive environments. 

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industry experience

BWB Internship

Joined the Civils team, developed full design and completed technical CAD drawings (Feasibility Study) for plot 4020B in DP World London Gateway. 

Advance drainage modelling

Optimised drainage performance using MicroDrainage and achieved environmental-friendly greenfield run-off rates. 

Pipes and attenuation cell sizes are minimised to save cost, but sufficient to prevent flooding in 1 in 100 year storms.

Earthworks computation

Developed precise surface models on Civil3D using a less conventional combination method and adapted finished levels to topo survey when possible.

Design minimised cut-and-fill, resulting a modest 49,600 cubic metres of surplus sand.

Access road alignment

Completed access road vertical and horizontal alignments and vehicle tracking for Panattoni Park Reading using Civil3D, with gradients minimised to a maximum of 1:21.

Curtins: Structural Design

Developed scheme designs for a concrete and steel frame structure in accordance to Eurocode 2 and 3. 

Using both hand calculations and modelling on Telka, minimum material use for maximum structural integrity was achieved.

Risks Mitigation

Realising that non-standard screws may not be suitable for securing FIRESTOP slabs to concrete walls, proactive enquiries were sent to the suppliers. Subsequent calculations confirmed the suitability.

BuroHappold Projects

BuroHappold Engineering partnered with Imperial College to prepare engineering undergraduates for real projects in the industry. A series of creative, high-level design projects are tasked by BuroHappold and completed in teams at Imperial College.

Nur-Sultan 2070

Collaborated with a team of 8 to produce a masterplan that outlines a 50-year development strategy for Nur-Sultan, identifying a series of ambitious but deliverable projects that will support unprecedented economic growth and secure more benefits and opportunities for everyone.

teaching experience

1 yrs
years teaching

Gave one-to-one tuitions, group mentoring sessions, and taught as teaching assistant.

1 +
hours of experience

Provided lessons to Year 7 – Year 13 for GCSEs, IB DP, A-level/AS, Pre-U, and many more…

1 %
Repeat lessons

All my students found my lessons helpful and continued to have regular lessons.

Stimulating in-person and online lessons wholly adapting to students' learning personalities and targeting challenging materials, leading to incredible results.

I use a wide range of lesson delivery methods that wholly adapt to students’ needs – whether it is learning core materials from scratch or refining exam techniques. I strive to make the materials very accessible to students.

Being extremely familiar with different learning preference and capabilities, I am keen to help pupils to explore their academic capabilities while making the learning process active, stimulating and enjoyable.

The new changes to GCSE, A Level and IB curriculum have caused frustration due to its problem-solving nature. Schools are often not up to the challenge, leading to students underperforming in exams. 

Familiar with all the intricate differences between old and new specifications, I can underline to my students specific test-taking strategies and highlight new specification objectives. I challenge my students to problem based discussions which help students consolidate new concepts efficiently.

As a high achieving student, I appreciate students’ aspirations. My lessons not only provide thorough understanding of concepts and flexible application to questions, but also specific exam tips required to achieve the top grades in national exams. 

Using various teaching materials and strategies, I have worked with many students who see their grades improve from a C to an A in just 8 lessons. Extension questions in their homework aim to prepare candidates beyond the requirements of the syllabus, securing the grades they desire.

IC Outreach Ambassador

Invited by Imperial College as one of the 10 mentors of the mA*ths Programme supporting Sixth Formers achieving A* grade in A-level Maths. 

Online support is given via BigBlueButton in addition to face-to-face masterclasses and study days at Imperial.

Volunteer Teaching

Worked as a teaching assistant for a 11–18 foundation secondary school in Blackfriars.

Students found my supplementary resources very helpful and led to great improvements.


Steel structures.
Concrete structures.
Off-shore structures.
Project management.
Computational analysis.


IC Rail and Transport

Re-elected as Chair for 2020/21 after a successful year of effective leadership. Boosted membership numbers by 60% by effective rebranding using a self-coded website and new instagram. Secured funding of £450 from external parties and formed new partnerships with 3 other university societies.

Founded Project Comoros

With 4 other founding members, the project aims to help build dormitories and cafeteria, giving children opportunities to access the education they deserve. 

Working with MAEECHA (an NGO in the Comoros) to help support and develop the country’s education system.

Raised £6000 for Ebo Town

Personally raised more than half of the £6000 donated through sorting, organising and the sales of second-hand books. By introducing e-payments and a new pricing scheme, products became more appealing to my target customers. The funds provided one-year worth of education to more than 100 children of the Ebo Town Community, one of the poorest in Gambia.

Investigation of Jovian Radio Emissions

Two-year independent research on astronomical aspects and variables in Jupiter’s magnetosphere that influence emissions. It was highly commended with the grade of 27/28.

Self-assembled Telescope

Self-assembled a dual-dipole array radio telescope to investigate decametric radio emissions from Jupiter. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of data from Radio Spectrograph in a 20,000 words dissertation written in LaTex.


I play the piano

Achieved grade 8 in 2013

I cut my hair

Been a skilled barber since 2016

I fly small planes

Started flying lessons in 2017

I travel the world

Accumulated 80+ pages of immigration stamps

I design websites

Made my first website in 2009


We tasked him with producing a Drainage, Levels and Earthworks model for one of our London Gateway plots. He excelled in all aspects and we were impressed by his work; he clearly showed that he would be a valued member of any team. Supervising allowed me to challenge my basics knowledge of civil engineering – there were moments where I started to question my own technical ability!

D. Cronin

CIvil Engineer

Jade has an excellent academic background with a string of A*s at GCSE and 4 A*s and an A at A-levels, scoring a remarkable 99% in A-level Maths. He is a conscientious mathematician who easily grasps, and can readily apply, new ideas in complex contexts. His written work is wonderful and his spoken contributions are exemplary. His problem-solving skills are well refined, he displays high levels of creativity, flexibility and stamina when tackling extension problems that are much harder than those presented in the standard material. Jade has worked diligently and enthusiastically during the entire 6th form and has been a pleasure to teach.

F. Parry

Academic Tutor

I play the piano

Achieved grade 8 in 2013.

I cut my hair

Been a skilled barber since 2016

I fly small planes

Started flying lessons in 2016.

I travel the world

Accumulated 80+ pages of immigration stamps

I design websites

Made my first website in 2009